Yoga has been the single most useful tool for me in exploring what it is to be a human being. On and off the mat, I’ve learnt to notice how I meet and respond to the world, how I face challenges and enjoy successes, how I adapt, and interact with others. The rich heritage and diversity of traditions and practices under the simple banner of yoga provide a myriad of teachings and concepts. I’ve dipped a toe into several of them, without ever adopting a particular style.

In my classes, you will find the occasional ‘traditional’ yoga posture in amongst a much broader approach to exploring movement, stability, balance and developing awareness. I teach short sequences that can be individualised, improvised upon, and easily practiced at home. The aim is always to encourage the student to explore what’s useful for them, and to feel confident in taking yoga home and off the mat. Breath awareness, stilling the mind and deepening our understanding of how the body moves and relates to our thoughts and emotions, are all integrated into the practice. Alongside a healthy dose of light-heartedness and fun!

I have been lucky over the years to have worked with teachers who take the best from traditional yoga philosophy, alongside exploring current theory in anatomy, psychology and neuroscience. I am particularly indebted to my first, and long term teacher Andrea Newman [] and more recently to Peter Blackaby [] for his intelligent approach to a contemporary practice.

In 2008 I began my training as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher with Andrea Newman and set up weekly classes in West Somerset. Teaching a community of all ages and experiences was a good grounding in the adaptability of yoga and a lesson in never underestimating the life-changing potential of the practice. Alongside mixed ability classes, I specialised early on in chair yoga for the less physically able, and also for those managing mental health issues who needed a supportive and gentle practice. I delivered classes for several years for Mind In Taunton & West Somerset and Somerset Skills & Learning. Offering a yoga practice that nurtures confidence and independence continues to be important for me.